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Careers in Anthropology DVD

There are currently three DVDs on careers in anthropology available from AAA.

DVDAnthropology: Real People, Real Careers© 2006
"What can you DO with a degree in anthropology?” This  product provides exciting information about the vast array of careers available to anthropologists.
Whether students are considering an anthropology degree, a declared major or are simply curious about what kind of jobs are available to anthropologists, this is a valuable source of information. Anthropology: Real People, Real Careers is comprised of interviews with individuals working in ten different fields in applied anthropology. These include:

• Sociocultural Anthropology
• Archaeology
• Physical Anthropology
• Linguistic Anthropology
• Medical Anthropology
• Forensic Anthropology
• Business and Corporate Anthropology
• Visual Anthropology
• Environmental Anthropology
• Museum Anthropology

This DVD does not provide exhaustive information about careers in applied anthropology; however, it gives wonderful examples of anthropologists at work. Designed to be played in its entirety or by chapter, this is an ideal classroom instrument. Running time is: 42 minutes

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Beyond Ethnography: CorpBeyond Ethnography DVDorate and Design Anthropology© 2008 is the second DVD in the series.  Produced by Emily Altimare and co-produced and directed by Clinton Humphrey, the DVD provides insights on corporate and design anthropology by drawing on ethnographic research projects conducted at General Motors Corporation(GM).  The stories and experiences of applied anthropologists working at GM highlight their challenges, objectives, and accomplishments as practicing anthropologists in a corporate setting.  This film proves beneficial in exemplifying how corporate research initiatives are invigorated through the application of both anthropological theory and methodology. Running time is:  25 minutes

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aaalogo150notextDVD/NAPA: Anthropologists at Work: Careers Making a Difference  © 1993 

What does an anthropologist do? Popular images contribute to our understanding of anthropologists excavating ancient ruins and studying small, remote tribes in foreign lands.  Yet these images are but a glimpse of the type of careers that now range across the spectrum of humanity -- exploring the physical and cultural realities of all human populations. In fact, nearly one third of new Ph.D. anthropologists and the majority of new M.A. graduates find employment outside of academia.
Anthropologists at Work captures anthropologists working at home and abroad in diverse settings: from government and human services to manufacturing and retail industries; conducting research; implementing policy; teaching and providing expertise in the areas of health, development, education and the corporate world!
Running Time: 40 minutes

Who would be interested in this video? As a teaching/informational tool, this video appeals to a broad audience:

  •     Undergraduate and graduate students
  •     College and university faculty and administrators
  •     High school students, faculty and staff
  •     Career planning and placement offices; advising centers
  •     Anthropological organizations
  •     Current and potential employers of anthropologists
  •     Museum personnel and visitors
  •     General public
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