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This Is Anthropology

what-is-anthropology140x140Anyone who has taken an anthropology class has been presented with the question: “What is anthropology?” This is often followed up with: “Do anthropologists dig up dinosaur bones?”

At the 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, AAA had the pleasure of announcing the launch of a new website called This Is Anthropology. This Is Anthropology was created for students, parents and the general public to learn more about what anthropology is and what anthropologists do in simple, accessible language.  The site allows anthropologists from around the world to share a photo and a brief “blurb” about their work along with their contact information. Visitors to the site can then enter a location anywhere in the world and find anthropologists who are working in that area.

The site includes information on the discipline of anthropology, the skills and careers of anthropologists, advice on how to become an anthropologist, and an interactive map displaying anthropology projects in different parts of the world. Visitors to the website will learn about the kinds of jobs anthropologists have, the skill sets we employ, the kinds of research questions we ask, and how anthropologists around the globe are attempting to better understand what it means to be human. We hope this visual display of the work of many and varied anthropologists will convey to visitors the critical thinking, productive approaches to diversity, effective written and oral communication, and technical skills that are central to the work of anthropologists.

The AAA needs your help to populate the site with your biography. It’s quick and easy to add your information. You can add photos and links, flag your research site on the map, and share information about your research. Simply visit this link: to share your work with the world!

The site is still a work in progress, so your observations, feedback, and contributions are greatly appreciated. Please take a minute to visit This is Anthropology, and contact Courtney Dowdall with your comments.