AAA Writers Circle

What is the Writers Circle?
The AAA Writers Circle aims to engage the public on topics of central importance to anthropology through the publication of op-ed pieces, short magazine articles, and other short pieces in a variety of local, regional and national media outlets. The AAA Writers Circle aims to support professionals working on original, accessible writing by reading and giving feedback on this type of work.

Who We Are
We are a small group of experienced volunteers in the profession who will divide up the task of reading your short pieces and giving you feedback. Click here to read more about us.

How to Reach Us
Those wishing to get feedback from the Writers Circle (even if quite inexperienced with this type of writing or intervention) may do so by sending a draft of a proposed op-ed or magazine piece of 400–1,000 words, along with a 1-2 page CV or bio, to

Writing Samples from the Writers Circle

Why We Need A Public Option (Op Ed)
The Debate Over Ebonics  (Op Ed)
Face Value (Magazine)
Nothing to Fear (Public Radio)
What Binti Jua Knew (Op Ed)
Stories of Rural Queer Youth (Interview)
A Pakistani View of US Nuclear Weapons (Op Ed/Satire)
Do Professional Ethics Matter in War? (Public Radio)
Death By the Market? (Public Radio)
Rebuilding New Orleans (Online Article)
My Genome, Myself (Letter)

More Resources

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