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The American Anthropological Association is the world's largest publisher of anthropological journals. Up to 2005, current electronic content for the publications of the AAA has been unavailable. Now, AnthroSource offers affordable electronic access to all AAA journals for as a benefit of your membership.

Expanding Content

Defined by the needs of its subscribers, AnthroSource will develop to include a variety of additional content beyond its invaluable suite of journals. AnthroSource will provide scholars a venue to access and exchange information, such as reference materials, conference proceedings, dissertations, and bibliographic data to multimedia objects, audio, and video.

Initial AnthroSource Content

Complete Research Archive

In 2005, AnthroSource provides a complete full-text archive of all peer-reviewed journals, newsletters, and bulletins published by the American Anthropological Association through 2003. The collection is fully searchable through full-text keyword, phrase, and Boolean searches across all AnthroSource content or selected subsets.

Developing Resource

AnthroSource content and functionality will grow to meet the needs of our user community. Ongoing platform development, increased functionality, and planned content additions ensure that AnthroSource will meet the demands of users and librarians for consolidated electronic access and research tools.

AnthroSource will provide scholars with new discovery tools that identify and locate all types of anthropological resources including journals, books, dissertations, archival access to conference proceedings, audio, and video files and more.

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