New Wiley-Blackwell Platform Launch is Complete

Wiley-Blackwell has launched its new online platform Wiley Online Library.  Wiley Online Library has totally replaced the former Wiley InterScience platform.   AnthroSource is now hosted on Wiley Online Library.   The interface and navigation of the AnthroSource portal have not been changed with the host platform transition.  This means that members will not see a change in logging-in and navigating through the AnthroSource portal.  AAA members will notice a change when accessing full-text content on AnthroSource.  This is because with the launch of the new platform AAA’s full-text online content will transition from Wiley InterScience to Wiley Online Library. 

AAA members can now access these new features on Wiley Online Library via AnthroSource:

“More Like This Article” linking—this feature provides quick and easy linking to more articles on the same (or similar) topic.  It saves AAA members time when researching!

“Most Read” and “Most Cited” Article listings—these listings provide access to the articles with the most readership and citations.  It's a quick way to find the material your colleagues are using most!

“Other Articles That Cite” listings—this feature connects AAA members directly to other articles that cite the article being viewed.   This is an efficient way to access additional research on a specific topic!

"Supporting Information"—this feature has been enhanced and made easier to locate.  Supporting information could include data sets, charts, tables, etc. to bolster the research presented in the article text. When an article has Supporting Information included, an appropriately named tab will be displayed on the Wiley Online Library abstract page.   

CLICK HERE to view a slideshow with more details about Wiley Online Library and screenshots of AnthroSource on this new system. 

Watch the AAA Homepage for further updates. Contact Oona Schmid, Director of Publishing with questions or comments.