AnthroSource Under (Re)Construction

We are very excited to announce that in December 2008, AnthroSource will be re-launched with a newly designed user interface. AAA, in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell, is working to enhance the AnthroSource user experience by developing a new look and feel for the site.

The newly designed AnthroSource user interface will conceptually mirror the AAA website.  In other words, the look of AnthroSource pages will change to look more similar to the pages of the AAA website. 

The AnthroSource portal will be hosted on Wiley-Blackwell’s newly developed content delivery platform. Members accessing AnthroSource will begin each session by logging-in at the AAA website and from there, linking to AnthroSource. To reduce potential confusion and multiple logins, this will become the method for members to access full-text content on AnthroSource. Members (and the general public) of course will still be able to browse journals, tables of contents and article abstracts on AnthroSource without logging in.

Be sure to watch the AAA homepage, Anthropology News and eNews for more updates and status reports in the coming weeks and months!

Questions and comments may be directed to Oona Schmid, AAA Director of Publishing.