Professional Development

Tips for Job Seekers Using the AAA Online Career Center

We have upgraded our placement service to be more user-friendly. You can now search ads on-line using criteria that fit your needs and expertise. You can also post your resume/CV and allow employers who have jobs available to seek you out. Here's how it works.

1. Job search - Click on the "Job seekers" text ( This will take you to a screen with multiple options.

  • If you want to see all recently posted jobs, click on "View All Jobs" (
  • If you want to find only jobs with certain characteristics (ie location, specialty, tenure-track) you can use the "drill down" feature at this point by entering one or more "keywords" and executing a new search, or
    • you can select the "Advanced Search" engine at This will allow you to search by keyword only, or
    • you can use the structured search which includes specialty, location, type of employer (academic/private industry) and/or date the ad was posted.
  • If you find a job you wish to apply for, you can send an application by clicking "apply for this job" at the end of the ad entry. (See 3 below.)

2. Notify me lets you set up a "search agent" based on criteria you enter. By activating this, you can request that any job listing that comes into our site (that meets your criteria) will be e-mailed to you as it is posted. You will be informed of fresh leads the minute they are made public!

3. Advertise my Resume/CV allows you to post your resume or CV which will be searchable by employers who have active job postings online. You will be given a "Login" ID and password at the end of your registration session which will allow you to re-enter you account and manage it, so make sure you save this page. Employers will be able to seek you out by using keywords and specialty criteria. You can be as specific about your background and qualifications as you want.

Even if you choose not to make your information available to potential employers, it is a good idea to set up an account with us, so you can "shoot" your application package to an employer. Just click the "Apply for this Job" button at the end of the ad. You can send your resume/CV with a cover letter along with three additional files (ie writing samples, bibliographies of your publications, projects, websites and more.) Some employers may require you to send your application package via surface mail, so make sure to follow their instructions.

4. Access My Personal Account which is password protected lets you update your resume/CV and personal profile at any time. You can also track how many times your CV has been "viewed" by employers searching the data base. Jobs you have applied for will appear at the bottom of this page. You can link back to them at any time while the job is still active (to refresh your memory of the job's characteristics). When a job posting goes inactive, a line will be drawn through the job and it will no longer be accessible.

If you need assistance. It is available on line

Good Luck!