AAA Honor Role of Donors

Special thanks to the following donors for their generous support over the years.

William Douglass
Robert Lemelson Foundation
Janna Marchione
Philip Singer
Wenner-Gren Foundation

2014 Donors

Patrons ($1,000-$4,999) *
Louise Lamphere*
Edward Liebow*
Irwin Press*
Roger Sanjek*
Sydel Silverman*

Partners ($500-$999) *

Jon W. Anderson*
Linda A. Bennett*

Marion I. Berghahn*
Ralph Bolton*
Caroline B. Brettell*
Elizabeth K. Briody*
Carole H. Browner*
Susan D. Gillespie*
Edmund T. Hamann*
Jerome S. Handler*
Linda L. Lampl*
Nancy O. Lurie*
Mary H. Moran*
Robert L. Munroe*
Nan A. Rothschild*
Alisse Waterston*
Linda M. Whiteford*

Friends ($250-$499)
Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt
Michael J. Harner
Janet E. Levy
Ronald Provencher
Elanah M. Uretsky

Associates ($100-$249)
Florence E. Babb
Lawrence B. Breitborde
Miguel Diaz-Barriga
Don E. Dumond
T J Ferguson

Ernestine Friedl
Suzanne Hanchett
Monica Heller
Deborah D. Jackson
Lucia Ann McSpadden
Irene Meisel
Joan P. Mencher
Ann V. Millard
Yolanda T. Moses
Michael Nathan
John Dempsey Parker
Sarah A. Robinson
Barbara Rylko-Bauer
Marjorie M. Schweitzer
Yuichi Sekiya
Carla M. Sinopoli
Jay Sokolovsky
Anita Spring
Claudia Strauss
Betty Wolder Levin

*Leadership Circle Member - A special thank you to our Leadership donors who give $500 or more in a calendar year.

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