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Call For Papers - FAQ's

General Questions

Do you have to be a member to submit a proposal to the annual meetings?
In order to participate in the 2015 Annual Meeting you must be an active AAA member who has paid the 2015 meeting registration fee.

Non-anthropologists and anthropologists from outside of the US and Canada are eligible to receive a membership exemption, but must pay the non-member registration fee to submit an abstract, proposal or participate in the Annual Meeting Program. You must apply for the membership exemption and receive approval or denial prior to submitting your proposal. You should submit your membership exemption request well before the April 15 deadline in order to receive a decision and have time to submit your proposal. No proposals will be accepted after April 15, regardless of circumstance.

Do you need to register to submit my proposal to the annual meeting?
Yes, all participants must register before a proposal is submitted.

What is green Registration?
AAA is offering a Green Registration type in all registration categories. By registering at the Green Registration type you'll lessen AAA's impact on the environment by NOT receiving a printed copy of the program in Washington. Instead, you'll be able to take advantage of the program downloaded in e-reader format, the Annual Meeting Mobile App ( for Apple and Android devices) as well as the online program scheduler. The most up-to-date program information is always located online.  Green Registration rates are moderately reduced from the regular registration rates.

How many roles can I hold at the meeting?
Participants may only: 1) present one paper/poster or serve as a participant on roundtable or Installation and 2) accept no more than one discussant role. An individual may serve as chair or organizer of an unlimited number of sessions.

Individual Papers

Is there a limit to the length of my abstract?
Yes. Paper and poster abstracts have a 250 word limit. Do not include name of coauthors or references in the abstract.

My paper is part of a session, how do I link my paper to a session?
Ask your session organizer to add your name to the session; this will link your paper to the session.

I have an individual paper, how do I find a session for my paper?
Session organizers needing additional papers will post call for papers on the AAA bulletin board and section listserves. If you are unable to find a session for your paper submit your abstract and section program chairs will make sessions out of individually volunteered papers during the review period.

My co-author is not in the database what do I do?
If your co-author is not attending the annual meeting ask your co-author to request a membership exemption. This will add them to the database and allow the primary author to add them as a co-author.


What do I need to submit my session?
To submit a session you will need the title of your session, estimated attendance, session abstract, keywords, names and role of all your participants. All session submissions are restricted to 1 hour and 45 minutes or 105 minutes.

Is there a limit to the length of my abstract?
Session abstracts can be up to 500 words. Please do not include session participant names or references in your session abstract.

How long are sessions?
All sessions are no more than 1 hour and 45 minutes or 105 minutes. Sessions have 7 fifteen minute slots all of which need to be assigned to a person or discussion period.

What roles does my paper session require?
Paper sessions require at least one organizer, one chair, and 7 additional roles. The 7 roles can include paper presenters, discussants, and discussion periods.

How do I add paper co-authors?
Session organizers are not able to add co-authors. The paper submitter must add co-authors in their submission. However you can see all authors by clicking on view submission on the left menu bar of your submission.

One of my participants shows as she has not registered, what will happen to her submission if she does not register before April 15?
Participants that have not met the requirements (registration and membership or membership exemption) will be removed from the session and replaced with a discussion period. The session will proceed to review without the ineligible participants.

The submission site tells me that one of my participants is not eligible but my session participant has a payment receipt- what is causing the error?
There are two eligibility requirements for proposal submission. 1) AAA Membership or membership exemption (available for scholars from other disciplines or for anthropologist from other countries other than the US or Canada). 2) Registration. If the two requirements are not met participants will show as not eligible.

How do I enter my participant's paper to my session?
You can enter your participant's name but not their paper. Once you enter the participant's name, each presenter can enter their paper. Since one paper is allowed per meeting the paper will link to your session.

What does invited status mean?
Invited sessions are not subject to review and are guaranteed to be scheduled in the program. Participants of invited sessions are bound to all other meeting rules and policies. Invited status is awarded to sessions during the review period (April 16-June 1)

I plan to add presenters during the summer, is this possible?
No, all changes need to be made by April 15, 2015.


What is a roundtable?
A roundtable does not have any papers and does not have any time structure for each participant.

What roles are required for a roundtable?
Each roundtable must have an organizer, chair and presenter. Other roles available in a roundtable are discussion and breaks.

Are roundtables guaranteed a spot in the program?
No, roundtables follow the same review process as paper sessions.

How many slots are in a roundtable?
Roundtable sessions have 7 slots.

Special Events

What are special events?
Special Events are business meetings, committee and board meetings, workshops, and receptions. These events are scheduled as part of the special events program and are the responsibility of the executive office.

Does a special event count against my two roles?
No. Special events do not count against your participation in the scholarly program.

When are special events scheduled?
To avoid conflicts with scientific sessions, most special events are limited to 1.25 hours, cannot be scheduled in overlapping times with the AAA Annual Business Meeting, and are subject to space available basis. Any group not affiliated with AAA (i.e. Sections, Interest Groups, Committees) will be required to pay a $500 special event fee. This fee covers publication in the official programs, room rental and administrative costs.


2015 Important Dates



January 15

Online abstract submission system opens for executive sessions only

February 17

Deadline for executive session proposals online here

February 18

Online abstract submission system opens for all proposal types

March 18

Decisions on executive sessions announced

April 15

Proposal deadline for all sessions, individual paper and poster presentations here. To be included in the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting program, participants must be registered by this date.

April 16–May 31

Section program editors review and rank proposals

May 31

Proposal deadline for Special Events program

June 1–15

AAA Executive Program Committee schedules program

July 1–15

Program decisions emailed to applicants
Annual Meeting Program, registration and hotel information are posted online

November 18-22

2015 AAA Annual Meeting in Denver


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