Executive Board Motions Regarding Meeting Locations

About the AAA Annual Meeting

The AAA Annual Meeting is the world’s largest gathering of anthropologists with more than 6,000 attendees who participate in activities spanning a 5-day period.  The Annual Meeting occurs one week or two weeks prior to the USA Thanksgiving holiday or the week following USA Thanksgiving beginning on Wednesday and ending on Sunday.

The Annual Meeting is divided into two programs; the scholarly program and the professional program. The scholarly program contains sessions comprised of papers, posters, roundtable discussions and inno-vents.  The scholarly program is reviewed by the Annual Meeting Program Committee  and scheduled by the Executive Program Committee  The professional program includes workshops, business meetings, board meetings, and various special events scheduled by the AAA Meetings Department.  

Host cities for the annual meeting must be able to accommodate the need for adequate amounts of meeting space and offer unique outlets for social and academic activities such as restaurants, museums and community centers within walking distance to host hotels.   Host cities and properties must also abide by guidelines set by the AAA Executive Board.

The following three AAA Executive Board Motions affect where the AAA and it Sections MAY hold meetings.

  • AAA staff responsible for negotiating and administering meeting venue contracts shall "strongly prefer" meeting facilities whose staff are represented by a union.

  • AAA staff responsible for negotiating and administering annual meeting contracts shall show preference to locales with living wage ordinances.

  • AAA values giving preference to accommodation suppliers that have active and ongoing sustainability programs and policies.

Following is a list of U.S. States where the AAA and/or its Sections MAY NOT hold meetings.

Future Annual Meeting Locations