Annual Meeting Workshops


Workshop program is changing to increase the quality of the workshops offered at the annual meeting. Changes are

  1. Workshops will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday.
  2. Workshops will be organized into 5 tracks:
    • Academic Training and Career Development, such as job search, promotion and tenure, writing and publishing for scholarly journals, turning the dissertation into a book manuscript, teaching skills, grant and contract proposal writing skills, media training
    • Practicing and Applied Career Development, such as job search, world of consulting (including private, non-profit/non-governmental organization, and government sectors), project management skills, grant and contract proposal writing skills, media training, museum exhibit planning
    • Technical Skill Development, such as quantitative, qualitative, visual (photo and video) data collection, analysis and production methods, geographic information systems and spatial analysis, social network analysis
    • Higher Education Administration, such as department chair skill sets, department branding, marketing your department, hiring, promotion, productive work climate, managing summer field schools
    • Humanistic Anthropology, such as poetry, creative writing, autoethnographic styles
  3. Sections are welcome to apply to co-host a workshop with AAA. Applications will include (a) a completed planning budget, (b) an acknowledgment of revenue terms set by AAA designed to cover staff and resource expenses, and (c) a workshop proposal that outlines learning objectives, facilitator qualifications, a list of handouts and supporting materials to be provided, and further evidence of quality, such as evaluation data. Individuals are also welcome to apply to present workshops through AAA using the same proposal process.
  4. Key AAA staff (professional services fellow, director of meetings and conferences, and executive director) will review proposals to ensure consistently high-quality offerings that cover a range of AAA members' professional development needs.
  5. Workshops will be publicized early enough, so that participants can make their travel plans accordingly. AAA will also provide effective scheduling, pre- and on-site logistical support as well as evaluation feedback.
  6. Workshops will be limited in number each year to ensure high quality programming for attendees.

Proposal process has two steps:

1. The workshops organizer will need to submit the proposal through Confex or workshop form. Workshops will need to be supported by a section. The organizer needs to be in touch with the section treasurer.

2. The section treasurer will need to submit a business planning budget for each workshop the section will support. Workshops without budgets will risk being rejected.

Workshop Proposal Timeline

April 30- Workshop proposals from sections and individuals should be submitted to by April 30 for consideration as part of the workshop program. Proposals should be submitted using the Workshop Proposal Template, only. Missing information may result in a proposal being rejected.

May 15- Business Planning budgets are due to AAA for Sections who plan to submit a workshop co-host proposal for consideration. A completed Workshop Planning Budget Template must be emailed to by May 15 or risk being rejected.

June 15-  Workshop leaders will receive confirmation of acceptance or rejection of their proposals. Additional supporting materials may be requested to prepare marketing materials for the program.

July 6- The pre-conference workshop program will be announced to AAA members and include registration instructions, at the same time that registration opens, so that people can make travel plans accordingly.

September-October- Instructors and presenters will receive regular updates on logistical issues, registration tracking, and other important information leading up to the pre-conference program.

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