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Anthropologists go Back to School Program - 2014 meetings and beyond

Planning the 2014 Anthropologists Go Back to School program presented opportunities for AAA to continue the program as part of the conference, as well as opportunities that will allow us to actualize longer term goals we have for the program. Our only regret is that the amount of time it took to finalize arrangements with local schools did not jibe with the time needed for many of you to make travel plans that included an early arrival to DC to participate in site visits to schools.

With that said, below you will find options for participating in the program associated with this year's site visits, as well as future planning.

DECEMBER (AAA meeting 2014)

Scheduling ultimately worked out with 2 schools for site visits on December 3rd. Below you will find information on the classes, size and minimum number of participants needed. Beyond the minimum numbers, we hope that scholars are willing to be present for informal interactions with students and teachers during the site visits.

At both schools, teachers and administrators are tasking us with providing their students with a general introduction to anthropology by way of our individual research interests. Ideally, scholars in each class should, drawing upon respective areas of expertise, develop a brief presentation and activity that provides answers to the following questions:

1) What is anthropology?

2) What sorts of research questions do we ask?

3) What methods do we use to answer those questions?

4) How do we share our work with the general public?

Classes will have AV equipment for slides, and there will be space for moving around, displaying items and engaging students in an activity.

It goes without saying that participants should feel free to draw upon presentations and activities developed for last year's AGBTS Day.


1) School: Simon Elementary School

Location:  Southeast DC

Grade: 5

Class sizes: 3 classes of 10 students each

Minimum number of anthropologists needed: 6 (2 per class)

2) School: Middle School, Browne Education Campus

Location: Northeast DC

Time: 8:45-9:30

Grade(s): 6,7,8

Class sizes: 5 classes of 20 students each

Minimum number of anthropologists needed: 15 (3 per class)


We approached planning for the 2014 iteration of AGBTS with the goal of working with the Howard University Science and Math Middle School (also known as MS2). They were so impressed with our program that they asked us to do a full program to kick off their 2015 school year in August rather than a day in December!

Planning will begin for this exciting program the week of the conference. We will begin with an in person meeting with MS2 teachers and administrators in December, followed by virtual meeting opportunities for members to join in on planning during the spring semester.

AAA meeting 2015 (DENVER)

We want to encourage members of this pool to develop a formal AGBTS planning committee for the 2015 meetings in Denver and beyond. The local organizing committee chairs for the 2013 and 2014 conferences will be at the committee's disposal to share lessons learned and serve as a resource as needed.

Please email us at if you would like to be contacted for the 2015 planning!


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