AAA Placement Center at the Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Placement CenterThe Placement Center at the AAA meeting is primarily for employers to begin face to face interviews with job candidates.  Job descriptions and qualifications are posted on our website as early as July of a given year, so job seekers should have a good idea of what types of employment opportunities are available at a very early stage in this cycle. 

Employers and job seekers can CLICK HERE for the Annual Meeting Interview Schedule. Browse our Tips and Schedule for Employers Placing Job Ads page to obtain more general information on job posting costs and deadlines throughout the year.

Job-Seekers can browse the entire job list, or they can refine a search by using keywords, or other selection criteria.

Job seekers can CLICK HERE to see the interview schedule.

Job-Seekers can also sent up a job agent to receive notification of new jobs that may be of interest to them.

Placement Center FAQ

Q. How do I set up an interview with an employer?

A. If you are interested in a position, follow the instructions in the ad.  Most employers want you to send a cover letter, CV, and names of references – on paper and through the mail.  In many cases, the application procedure is done through the employer’s web application process.  They will give you the address of the appropriate site in their ad. When corresponding with the employer, let the employer know that you will be available for interview at the annual meeting.  Employers are encouraged to contact candidates in advance of the meeting to set up interviews so that both parties can arrange their interview schedules along with meeting itineraries.

Q. Will I be able to arrange interviews at the meeting?

A.  Yes.  Most employers are interested in speaking with as many candidates as can be reasonably scheduled.  However, many will also be "booked" by the time they come to the meeting.

Q.  Should I bring my CV?

A.  Yes.  In fact, you may wish to bring several "application packages," since there may be postings which you have not seen online.  Include your CV, a generic cover letter, and a list of 3-5 references.  We will be collecting CVs for some of the interviewing employers.  They will review them from time to time and may wish to arrange an interview with you at the meeting.  If you wish to photocopy at the meeting, you will have to use the hotel's business center (or a nearby copy store).    

Q.  How do I arrange an interview at the meeting?

A.  We will provide a message center in the interview area.  This consists of hand written notes which are filed alphabetically (by employer).  Make sure you let the employer know how best to contact you – e.g. Leave a note at the placement table, room phone, or cell phone (to be turned off during sessions, of course!).  In your message, mention the position you are interested in and let the employer know if you have left a CV in their folder at the placement management table. 

Q.  How will I know if an employer is interested in speaking with me?

A.  There will be a message box for job seekers, arranged alphabetically by last name.  Employers will leave you a message if they wish to set up a meeting with you. You will want to check it several times a day.

Q.  Do all interviews take place in the placement area?

A.  No.  Some employers will have a suite or other space of their choosing to conduct interviews.  When you finalize your interview arrangements with an employer, make sure that the actual place for the interview has been agreed upon.  We will try to show the location of placement center interviews occurring in the space we provide, but employers using their own suites do not necessarily inform us of their location.

We are striving to improve the service we provide both online and at the meeting.  Your input is valuable, so please feel free to pass along suggestions.  You can reach the placement office at

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