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AN is pleased to offer our readers and members faster publishing and more opportunities for discussion with our online-first publishing schedule, started in January 2013. The anthropological essays gaining the most traction with our readers will be included in the bimonthly print editions. AN continues to rely on AAA members for providing timely and relevant essays about anthropology.

AN encourages all AAA members to submit proposals for both thematic series and regular content. Interested in submitting something? See our most up-to-date guidelines and information on the AN website at You may also go directly to any of the following sections:

  • Essay and Column Guidelines (for individual submissions such as for thematic series and news features, as well as for regular contributing editors and columnists)
  • Obituary Guidelines
    • AN seeks to publish all death notices received, in abbreviated form. American Anthropologist commissions longer obituaries of selected anthropologists, normally after their AN death notices appear. In contrast to AN death notices, AA obituaries are biographical essays of about 2,000 words covering the life and work of the subject. Different authors are preferred for each publication. For information on potential AA obituaries, or to suggest appropriate subjects and/or authors, contact AA Obituary Editor Sydel Silverman.
  • AN Policies
  • AN Style

How to Submit a Proposal
To submit a proposal for an individual essay, contribution to a thematic series, or your own thematic series, use AN's online proposal system here. Alternatively, you may also send a 300-word proposal, along with a 50-100 word author biosketch, to Managing Editor Amy Goldenberg.

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Proposals can now be submitted online throught the new AN Proposals System. Submit your proposals here.

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