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Ordinary Anthropologists Doing Extraordinary Things

This podcast series highlights the work of AAA members.
If you would like to be featured or would like to recommend a colleague, please contact us.

2/2012 - Dr. Laurian Bowles (Western Illinois U)
Dr. Bowles is Assistant Professor at Western Illinois University, where she specializes in gender and power, migration and Africa, and black youth culture. Known by her students as Dr. Laurian, she engages them in current anthropological dialogue via their class Twitter account @anthro110.
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3/2012 - Matthew Piscitelli (UIllinois-Chicago)
Matthew, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Illinois in Chicago, gets creative in funding his Peruvian archeological dig this summer, a project that will help garner results for his Ph.D. dissertation, by crowdfunding.
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5/2012 - Melissa Rinehart (Miami University, Middletown)
Melissa, a cultural anthropologist specializing in Native American Studies, has interests in ethnohistory, Native American identity and representation, traditional medicine focusing on healing touch therapies, and anthropological praxis. For more about her work,  please listen to her podcast, Cultural Conversations, or read her blog.
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6/2012 - Tara Waters Lumpkin (Izilwane)
Tara, an environmental and medical anthropologists, is the Executive Director of Izilwane. This non-profit explores how human beings can shift their perceptions so as to learn to co-exist with other species and nature.
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9/2012 - Dr. Robert Lemelson (Elemental Productions)
Dr. Lemelson is an anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker whose work focuses on personal experience, culture and mental illness, especially in Indonesia. Click here (.pdf) to read more about his documentary project "Afflictions". For more information about the Lemelson Student Fellows, offered by the Society for Psychological Anthropology, click here.
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