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PodcastsThe AAA Public Affairs Department has launched the following podcast to keep our members and the general public informed about the latest issues and news in the field of anthropology. Tune in regularly for updates. 

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[Listen] AAA Past President Yolanda Moses celebrated National Anthropology Day with an interview highlighting the RACE: Are We So Different? public education project on the Marin County Public Radio, KWMR.

[Listen] Barbara Clark (U London - Queen Mary) is a linguistic anthropologist working as the Visiting Research Fellow for the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film.

[Listen] Robin Nagle (New York U/Department of Sanitation) is an anthropologist-in-residence at the New York City Department of Sanitation, a clinical associate professor of anthropology and director of the John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Master's Program in Humanities and Social Thought at New York University.

Spotlight on Bioanthropology

[Listen] Julienne Rutherford (U Illinois at Chicago) is a biological anthropologist and assistant professor of Women, Children, and Family Health Sciences and adjunct assistant professor of Anthropology.

Interview with Anthropology News Contributing Editors

[Listen] Kristen Ghodsee (Bowdoin College) is currently a contributing editor for the Anthropology News columns of the Soyuz Network and the Society for Humanistic Anthropology.

Single Podcast

AAA's first Public Policy Award winner, Dr. Nancy Scheper-Hughes shares her excitement over the honor and discusses her influential anthropological work in this podcast. Click here to listen.

AAA's Director of Publishing speaks with President of SSRN about AAA's latest open access tool, Anthropology and Archaeology Resource Network (AARN): Click here to listen.

Previous Podcast Series

Anthropologists in the Field - Find out what anthropologists are doing while conducting their fieldwork.

  • [Listen] Ine Beljaars is a graduate student at Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands. She fieldwork encompasses research on the Kizomba scene throughout the country.
  • [Listen] Donna Auston is a graduate student in the cultural anthropology program at Rutgers University. Her preliminary research is on Muslim communities in the San Francisco Bay area. Her project is concerned with the intersection of race, religious practice, and the production of American Muslim identity.
  • [Listen] Katherine MacKinnon is a biological anthropologist with a focus on primate social behavior in wild-living groups. Her research interests include New World monkeys, particularly capuchins (genus Cebus). She has been involved in fieldwork in Central and South America since 1992, and her current work focuses on the social behavior and development of infants and juveniles. Dr. MacKinnon has observed the behavior of wild primates in Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama), South America (Suriname and Columbia), Indonesia (Bali), and Africa (Zambia), and will continue field-based research in the areas of social behavior and ecology. She is also interested in long-term conservation/management efforts, nonhuman primate and hominin evolutionary strategies, social complexity, and ethics in the field primatology.
  • [Listen] Dylan Kerrigan is a faculty member in the Sociology Unit of the Department of Behavioural Sciences at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. His fieldwork includes the study of commercial development and its impact on a fishing village in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ordinary Anthropologists Doing Extraordinary Things - Meet every day anthropologists who are bringing innovation to the forefront of the field.

  • Dr. Laurian Bowles (Western Illinois U) - Dr. Bowles is Assistant Professor at Western Illinois University, where she specializes in gender and power, migration and Africa, and black youth culture. Known by her students as Dr. Laurian, she engages them in current anthropological dialogue via their class Twitter account @anthro110.
    Listen to the interview >>
  • Matthew Piscitelli (UIllinois-Chicago) - Matthew, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Illinois in Chicago, gets creative in funding his Peruvian archeological dig this summer, a project that will help garner results for his Ph.D. dissertation, by crowdfunding.
    Listen to the interview >>
  • Melissa Rinehart (Miami University, Middletown) - Melissa, a cultural anthropologist specializing in Native American Studies, has interests in ethnohistory, Native American identity and representation, traditional medicine focusing on healing touch therapies, and anthropological praxis. For more about her work,  please listen to her podcast, Cultural Conversations, or read her blog.
    Listen to the interview >>
  • Tara Waters Lumpkin (Izilwane) - Tara, an environmental and medical anthropologists, is the Executive Director of Izilwane. This non-profit explores how human beings can shift their perceptions so as to learn to co-exist with other species and nature.
    Listen to the interview >>
  • Dr. Robert Lemelson (Elemental Productions) - Dr. Lemelson is an anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker whose work focuses on personal experience, culture and mental illness, especially in Indonesia. Click here (.pdf) to read more about his documentary project "Afflictions". For more information about the Lemelson Student Fellows, offered by the Society for Psychological Anthropology, click here.
    Listen to the interview >>

Virginia DominguezInside the President's Studio - Get to know anthropologists across all sub-fields in this podcast series by Past President Virginia Dominguez (2010-2011)

  • [Listen] Leslie Aiello, President, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Incorporate
  • [Listen] Sarah Green, Program Chair, 2011 Annual Meeting
  • [Listen] Tom Boellstorff, Editor-in-Chief, American Anthropologist
  • [Listen] Amy Goldenberg, Managing Editor of Anthropology News
  • [Listen] Marilyn Strathern, social anthropologist and former mistress of Girton College, University of Cambridge
  • [Listen] Ed Liebow, applied anthropologist, Battelle
  • [Listen] Shannon Lee Dawdy, historical anthropologist, University of Chicago (part one)
  • [Listen] Shannon Lee Dawdy, historical anthropologist, University of Chicago (part two)
  • [Listen] Lee Baker, Dean of Academic Affairs, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University
  • [Listen] Alaka Wali, Curator of North American Anthropology at the Field Museum
  • [Listen] Agustin Fuentes, biological anthropologist, University of Notre Dame
  • [Listen] Jeremy Sabloff, archaeologist and AAA 2010 Annual Meeting Distinguished Lecturer
  • [Listen] Nandini Sundar, Delhi University anthropologist and indigenous rights advocate
  • [Listen] T.J. Ferguson, archaeologist and AAA Executive Board member
  • [Listen] João Bin>ehl, award-winning Princeton anthropologist
  • [Listen] Carolyn Sargent, medical anthropologist and former president of the Society for Medical Anthropology
  • [Listen] Monica Heller, AAA Executive Program Chair for the 2010 annual meeting in New Orleans

Profiles In Practice - This online interview series, by CoPAPIA, is geared toward students interested in anthropology but uncertain about the career paths that await them following graduation.

  • [Listen] Patricia Clay, a fisheries anthropologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • [Listen] Judy interested, owner and consultant of Aha Solutions
  • [Listen] Kevin Bialy, an international program officer at the National Institutes of Health
  • [Listen] Megan Hawkins, a cultural resource specialist with the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii, where she is working with the US Army
  • [Listen] Lee Cerveny, a research social scientist at the US Forest Service
  • [Listen] Cheryl Levine, a social science analyst at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.