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General AnthroSource Information

  1. What is AnthroSource?
  2. AnthroSource looks better. What’s different?
  3. How soon will the latest issues be posted on AnthroSource?
  4. Will I have access to AnthroSource when I'm away from home or my institution doing fieldwork?
  5. If my library doesn't have a subscription and I'm not a AAA member, can I get into AnthroSource?
  6. If I am a non-AAA member surfing the web, can I access AnthroSource content?
  7. How is my AnthroSource member benefit different from my library's subscription to AnthroSource?
  8. I already use JSTOR for some of the AAA journals, what is different about AnthroSource?

Accessing and Using AnthroSource

  1. How do I get my log-in credentials?
  2. How do I access AnthroSource?
  3. How can I access AnthroSource from my university or college library?
  4. Are you having difficulty accessing AnthroSource content after logging in successfully at the AAA website?
  5. Can AnthroSource be accessed using a PC and a MAC?
  6. Can I print or download from AnthroSource?
  7. Can I use citation manager software with AnthroSource?
  8. Can I search AnthroSource using Google?
Librarians' FAQs
  1. Why hasn’t my institution been switched over to AnthroSource 2.0?
  2. Do libraries need to change their AnthroSource links to
  3. Are you a librarian and interested in subscribing to AnthroSource?
  4. Would you like to set up a trial AnthroSource subscription for your library/institution?
  5. Are you a librarian and need to obtain AnthroSource usage statistics?
  6. Are AnthroSource subscribers still validated by IP address/range? How do I update my library/institution's IP address?
  7. What archival rights are included with a subscription to AnthroSource?
  8. Why is the online access to the most recent 10 years on Anthropology News content restricted?

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