Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology

1973 Minority Report

The Minority Experience in Anthropology

Report of the Committee on Minorities and Anthropology
August 1973

Francis L. K. Hsu (Northwestern)
Delmos J. Jones (CUNY)
Diane Lewis (San Francisco)
Beatrice Medicine (Washington)
James L. Gibbs, Board Liaison (Stanford)
Thomas Weaver, Chair (Arizona)



I. Introduction

Definition of Goals and Problems
Respondents to the Questionnaire
Returns of Questionnaire by Ethnic Group
Birthplace of Respondents by Ethnic Group
Ethnic Self-Identity
Change of Surname
Languages Spoken in the Home
Respondents Compared to Non-Respondents
Some Comments on the Sample
Reactions to the Questionnaire

II. How Minority Anthropologists Feel About Their Profession

III. The Recognition and Use of Minority Anthropologists

Response to Question 16
Response to Question 18
Response to Question 19

IV. The Personal Experiences of Minority Professionals

V. Minority Students in Anthropology

VI. Research on Minorities

Training and Education of Minorities
Educating the Public
New Research Directions
Relationship with the Minority Community
Government Agencies and Programs
Anthropology and the University
Suggestions for Minority Anthropologists
VII. Perspectives
Ethnic Visibility
The Enculturation of Minorities as Anthropologists
Minority Ambivalence Toward Anthropology
Minority Consciousness and Academic Specialization
Appendix A: AAA Resolution on Minorities

Appendix B: Questionnaire from the Committee on Minorities and Anthropology

Appendix C: Tables

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