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Anthropological Resources for Teaching Social Studies, Geography, History, and Science

Anthropology Internet Resource Sites

  • is a search engine that "queries a database of over 40,000 reviewed web sites with anthropological content built by the interests of its users." It operates by collecting search terms submitted by its users and using "proprietary software to hunt down Internet-based journal articles, well developed topical sites and bibliographic references for anthropology, archaeology and the other social sciences" (Scout Report for the Social Sciences, 5/30/2000). In addition, the site features a 53-item Table of Contents to selected topics that offer recommended readings and listings of annotated web sites. The search engine gives results in order of relevance to the original search term and provides a description comprised of the first 100 characters or so on each web site returned. A search for "feminism," for instance, generated 19 quality sites on various aspects of feminism in relation to the disciplines mentioned above. A "What's New" section provides a listing of recent additions to the database.
  • Anthropology Resources on the Internet
    Originally set up in 1995, this web site is a valuable resource for educators, researchers, and students offering a variety of subject headings such as anthropology resources, web directories, and anthropology departments. The interface is clear and easy to manipulate.
  • Anthropological web sites listed at AAA
    This AAA web site contains a listing of good, reviewed anthropological web pages available on the Internet. It is a good starting point for anyone interested in anthropology.
  • Education Index Anthropology Resources
    This site provides a detailed list of anthropology resources on the web, sponsored by the Education Index.
  • Ethnographic Studies Internet Resource
    Sponsored by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, this web page contains an excellent list of comprehensive Internet resources about ethnography, anthropology, ethnomusicology, folklore, and folklife. It also is a gateway into the large quantities of resources at the Library of Congress available for researchers of all ages.
  • The Smithsonian Institution's Anthropology Outreach Office
    Offers educational materials, free of charge, on a wide range of anthropological topics (i.e., American Indians, archaeology, human evolution, ancient Egypt and mummification) in the form of leaflets, bibliographies, and teacher packets.
  • The Smithsonian Libraries (SIL Publications)
    A list of links for students and teachers interested in the field of anthropology.
  • UCSB Anthropology Web Sites
    The University of California Santa Barbara Department of Anthropology has developed this useful directory of electronic resources that pertain to anthropology with a topical or geographical focus for research.
  • University of Buffalo Anthropology: Direct Access to Web Anthropology Resources
    This web site provides direct access to thousands of web sites broken down by the following subjects: Major Anthropology Web Sites & Meta-Sites, Associations, Other Web Sites, Institutes & Museums, On-line Databases, Electronic Periodicals, Academic Presses & Publishers, On-line Educational Resources, Documentaries Conducting Research On/About The Web, and Interesting Places (incl. field school listings).
  • Yahoo! - Social Science: Anthropology and Archaeology
    Yahoo!, like most major search engines, provides several layers of "sub-headings" for their millions of web site listings. This particular site will provide many resources that reference anthropology or archaeology. The advantage of such independent web engines, like Yahoo!, is that they often have the most current listings. One of the major disadvantages is that none of these web sites has been rated or previewed by any scholarly organization or anyone familiar with anthropological concerns.

Anthropology Classroom Resources

  • Anthropology on the Internet for K-12
    This interactive web document, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, lists web sites, along with a brief annotation. The list is described as "a sample of what the Internet holds for teachers and students interested in the field of anthropology." The list is broken down into subject headings and the web site provides information for educators including lesson plan links.
  • Anthropology Outreach Office, Smithsonian Institution
    Various bibliographies and leaflets from this office are on this site as well as AnthroNotes, an excellent publication for educators. See also the annotated bibliography on American Indians for K-12.
  • Ask Eric Vitual Library
    Eric is an on-line warehouse of educational information on a wide range of scholastic subjects. "Ask Eric Virtual Library" allows educators to search by subject (such as "anthropology") or keyword amongst many classroom resources such as frequently asked questions, on-line lesson plans, on-line versions of educational journals and publications, and a comprehensive list of general education resources.
  • Ethnographic Eyes: A Teacher's Guide to Classrom Observation
    By Carolyn Frank.
    Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1999. This book addresses the preparation of beginning teachers for observing interactions in their own classrooms. Ethnographic Eyes combines the practicality of a methods textbook with a theoretical discussion of the gains in learning for everyone who develops the ability to see the classroom ethnographically. Appropriate for classroom teachers, supervisors of teachers, and teacher educators.
  • Read how anthropology can help teachers learn about the cultures of their students
    Personalizing Culture through Anthropological and Educational Perspectives, by Rosemary Henze and Mary Hauser, is a monograph that offers suggestions and strategies for teachers and teacher educators about how they can move away from broad generalizations about cultures or ethnic groups and toward more specific knowledge about individual students and families.  To order a copy, click here: or to download a free copy click here:

Anthropology Software and Games

  • Anthropology Review Database
    This database contains reviews of anthropological resources (books, films, video, software, multimedia, and Internet). Users can search by a variety of different keywords or subjects. Note that this web site seems to a run very slowly at peak hours and is still under construction.
  • Multimedia Resources for Anthropology Courses at the University of California at Santa Barbara
    This web site provides a list of and links to on-line software, games, and other interactive resources related to anthropology. The links include "Human Evolution," a software package that teaches students about our ancestors by using fossil evidence.

Anthropology Museums and Exhibits

  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History
    The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has a wealth of collections on-line, as well as information for educators, rotating exhibits, site indices, and publication information. The on-line education section contains information about a wide variety of classes, broken down by grade and subject area, offered through the Carnegie Museum.
  • The Field Museum of Natural History
    The Field Museum, renowned for its collections and outreach programs, offers exciting programs for educators and researchers on its web page including many on-line exhibits and publications. The on-line education section contains Underground Adventure, a tool for students, with resources for educators on how to include the web site in curricula.
  • Fowler Museum of Cultural History at UCLA
    The Fowler Museum web site, still in production, is a wonderful resource. The most interesting part of the site is the "Passport to Paradise" on-line exhibit about a small Muslim community in West Africa that has an excellent interface, wonderful graphics and labels, and useful educational tools.
  • National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
    The Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History web site provides on-line exhibits, resources of the Office of Education, publications, and site indexes. The on-line version of the Arctic Studies Center's "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga" exhibit is especially worthy of note.
  • National Anthropological Archives, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
    The National Anthropological Archives contains many mixed media collections including extensive manuscript and photographic collections concerning anthropology. The web site is a valuable tool for advanced research and also contains on-line exhibits.
  • The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University
    The Peabody Museum web site has four on-line features¾Exhibitions On-Line, Finding Aids On-Line, Peabody Profiles, and Special Projects¾that provide the virtual visitor with information about the museum's archaeological, ethnographic, photographic and archival collections; research; exhibitions; finding aids; museum staff/faculty profiles; and special project information.
  • Phoebe Ann Hearst Museum of Anthropology at the University of California at Berkeley
    The Phoebe Ann Hearst Museum web site is geared for educators with on-line exhibits, resource lists, and curriculum planners; and information on ordering classroom kits.
  • The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
    The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology site contains on-line exhibits, games, publications, and many research resources. Its educational resources include rotating on-line activities and lesson plans relating to such topics as Canaan and the history of Israel and how to write cuneiform. The section, "Museum on the Go," brings museum objects and educators in school classrooms.

Anthropology Publications

  • Annual Editions selects articles previously published in magazines, newspapers, and journals and compiles them into one volume. Anthropology, archaeology, and physical anthropology are among the over 65 volume topics available. To order, call (800) 338-3987.
  • Annual Review of Anthropology
    The complete text of articles from the Annual Review of Anthropology is available on-line via Journal Storage (JSTOR). JSTOR is a free service that provides electronic editions of hundreds of scholarly journals. On the anthropology page, the journals are organized by subject such as Anthropology, African-American Studies, History, and Asian Studies. The journals can be searched, viewed in their entirety on-line, printed, or e-mailed to an e-mail address at no charge.
  • AnthroNotes, A National Museum of Natural History Publication for Educators
    The web page and publication, also available in hard copy, contains articles on current research in the field of anthropology, teaching activities, and new resources. Published twice a year, this educational 20-page publication is free-of-charge.
  • Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes. Edited by Ruth Osterweis Selig and Marilyn R. London. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998. Order by calling (800) 782-4612.
    This book, organized into three major sections¾Human Origins, Archaeologists Examine the Past, and Our Many Cultures¾consists of 29 articles with author updates. This is an excellent classroom text to help students understand the range of human physical and cultural development.
  • Calliope, World History for Young People
    "The mission of Cobblestone Publishing Company is to create exceptional educational materials for young people and for the teachers, librarians, and parents who guide them." The web page provides other resources in addition to this publication on world history. Calliope is published by Cobblestone five times during the school year.
  • Current Anthropology
    Sponsored by The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Current Anthropology includes articles on recent research from all the sub-disciplines of anthropology. Each main article is followed by a section with specialists' critiques and the author's response to each comment. This scholarly, readable, current, and informative journal is published six times a year.
  • Journal of World Anthropology
    The Journal of World Anthropology (JWA) web site was voted one of the Education Index Top Sites. This electronic journal is dedicated to scholarship in all fields of anthropology and publishes articles on academic research, matters of theory and methodology, and the education of the public, as well as book, software and film reviews. Four issues of the journal are available on-line at this web site.
  • National Geographic
    National Geographic articles are available on-line as are a wide-range of educational materials. The sections for educators include lesson plans and searchable archives of classroom resource materials. National Geographic also has up-to-date information on research around the world.
  • Stones and Bones Physical Anthropology Center, LAUSD
    "Stones & Bones is an innovative, nationally validated National Diffusion Network (NDN) program that extends and enriches science/social science curricula. Students work 'hands-on' with 15 replica fossil casts that trace human development over more than four million years." The web page provides on-line ordering information and classroom publications.
  • Studies in Anthropology
    This web site provided by the Center for Social Anthropology suggests many on-line publications that cover such topics as Colonial America, European ethnography, and anthropology.
  • Teaching Anthropology Newsletter contains articles and curriculum ideas relating to the field of anthropology and provides a forum for teachers to exchange ideas. Published free-of-charge semiannually in the fall and spring. Write: Department of Anthropology, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3C3, or call (902) 420-5628. Email:

Anthropology Organizations

  • 38 Sections of the American Anthropological Association
    AAA is the central professional organization of anthropologists. Members receive the quarterly American Anthropologist and the monthly Anthropology Newsletter, which includes a Job Placement Service listing. Also available is ordering information concerning career publications and The AAA Guide to departments of anthropology that describes facilities and programs at over 250 schools and museums in the United States and Canada.
  • Anthropology and Sociology Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries of the American Library Association
    Formed in 1972, the Section has over 600 members. ANSS sponsors publications in print and many are available on this web page. The ANSS web page also incorporates information for librarians and information specialists in forums for discussion of common issues; publishing news, bibliographies, and reviews of important resources; and communicating with organizations devoted to scholarship in the social sciences.
  • Federation of Small Anthropology Programs
    FOSAP is a membership committee of the General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). It is designed to further the needs of faculty and students in small programs in universities, colleges, and community colleges. The web page provides an excellent list of anthropology resources on the Internet and on-line copies of the FOSAP newsletter.
  • National Science Teachers Association
    NSTA's comprehensive web site contains good resources for educators and researchers such as laptop lesson plans on a variety of subjects for a range of ages and listings of software, games, and publications available for sale.
  • Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
    This web site contains information and resources on a wide variety of anthropological topics. The site includes on-line copies of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (JRAI), Anthropology Today, Anthropology Calendar of Events (AnthCal), Film Catalogue II, and many other publications. The web site has a wonderful on-line version of "Discovery Anthropology: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Students."
  • School for American Research
    This web site provides on-line organizational information about SAR, its mission, its committees, and contact information. A catalog of SAR Press publications is available on-line. The web site also contains information on the SAR Indian Arts Research Center (IARC).
  • Society for Applied Anthropology
    "The Society for Applied Anthropology (SFAA) was founded in 1941 to promote the investigation of the principles of human behavior and the application of these principles to contemporary issues and problems. The Society now sponsors two major journals (Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology) as well as a Monograph Series and occasional special publications." The SfAA web page contains information on membership, many publications (some available on-line), and a comprehensive job listings page.
  • Teachers Helping Teachers
    This web site includes daily, on-line lesson plans categorized and searchable by subject area. It also includes a forum for educators to communicate with one another and exchange teaching tips. The web site also contains a comprehensive Internet resource list.
  • Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists
    While still somewhat under construction, this web site provides career, networking, and publication information. A small but growing list of Internet resources is also available.

Anthropology Career Information

  • Anthropology Careers
    This site, sponsored by the University of Northern Kentucky, provides comprehensive information concerning anthropological careers. It includes job listings, references to other sites with job listings, and an extensive list of organizations that have employment opportunities. The site also includes self-marketing and career tips including information on resume writing and the best way to conduct an interview.
  • Anthropology On-line Career Page
    Anthropology On-line provides valuable career information and web links to job resources available on-line.
  • Career Information listed at the American Anthropological Association
    The American Anthropological Association provides a list of current anthropological position openings and also a reference list of employment services on the world wide web. AAA also has a placement service for people searching for employment, and information concerning the placement service is available on their web page.
  • The Society for Applied Anthropology Career Page
    The SAA web page contains job listings and general career information for anthropologists.


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