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Anthropological Resources for Teaching Social Studies, Geography, History, and Science


Archaeology Internet Resource Sites

  • Archaeology on the Net
    Archaeology on the Net is a powerful search engine with so many electronic resources listed that it is somewhat daunting.
  • ArchNet
    ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for archaeology. Archaeological resources are categorized by geographic region and subject.
  • The Society for American Archaeology (SAA)
    The SAA, through its Public Education Committee, has developed a number of programs and activities that reach out to K-12 educators. To learn about their work. To view samples of archaeology teaching materials developed by the Public Education Committee, click here:
  • World Lecture Hall
    World Lecture Hall publishes Internet links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language. Some courses are delivered entirely over the Internet.
  • WWWorld of Archaeology
    This site provides an index of archaeological web pages and other on-line resources broken down by subject.

Archaeological Classroom Resources

  • Arkansas Archaeological Survey (AAS) Flyers and Handouts about Teaching Archaeology The AAS web site incorporates findings and educational tools developed in response to the results of a comprehensive teacher survey. The site contains many flyers about the value and goals possible through archaeology education. It also has flyers on the five primary Native American tribes in Arkansas and an interactive history of the Southwest timeline.
  • Classroom Connect/Realtime Mysteries
    Classroom Connect provides educational resources on a variety of topics for educators and students. The section, "Real Time Mysteries," addresses archaeological research practices. The site also contains on-line syllabi, lesson plans, and many other resources.
  • Decoding the Past: The Work of Archaeologists
    This web page is part of the Smithsonian in Your Classroom publication and provides many educational tools including a background essay and three separate lesson plans to address this topic.
  • Glossary of Archaeological Terms
    Developed and produced by Southern Methodist University (SMU), Department of Anthropology, this web page provides accessible definitions of common archaeological and anthropological terms.
  • Levi Jordan Plantation
    This site offers participation in a virtual discussion of this 19th century southern Texas plantation in Brazoria. The web site includes information from oral history, genealogy, anthropology, and folklore.
  • Links to the Past
    This National Park Service web page includes educational resources for use in the classroom, games, on-line publications, explorations of specific National Park Service sites and initiatives, and many other tools.
  • Virtual Archaeology
    A valuable tool for educators and students. Virtual Archaeology provides a good K-12 definition of archaeology, a glossary of archeological terms, pictures and definitions of the tools used by archaeologists, and a "Be an Archaeologist for a Day" tour. 

Archaeology Publications

  • Archaeology and Education (SAA)
    Archaeology and Education is a quarterly Internet-based newsletter. "The newsletter features information on becoming involved in archaeology, including archaeology programs, workshops and conferences; archaeology week celebrations; and fieldwork opportunities. It also provides news on archaeology, Internet links, and book releases."
  • Archaeology Leaflet
    This leaflet on North American archaeology, from the Smithsonian's Anthropology Outreach Office, discusses career information, excavation, fieldwork opportunities, artifact identification and preservation, and contains a bibliography.
  • Archaeology Magazine
    An official publication of the AIA, the Archaeology Magazine web page contains special on-line features such as interactive digs and articles with wonderful graphics and photographs.
  • Assemblage: The Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology  
    A British publication, the Assemblage web page provides full-text electronic versions of the journal and a keyword searchable index. While the publication does include many articles on European archaeology, it also includes articles on general archaeology, American (particularly Colonial) archaeology, and a diverse range of other topics.
  • Dig
    The Archaeological Institute of America's new bimonthly magazine for young people contains well-illustrated articles that describe recent archaeological finds and explain archaeological techniques. The magazine also presents projects and games for its young readers.
  • Journal of Archaeological Science
    The Journal of Archaeological Science web page has a limited number of on-line articles but does contain a searchable index, web link listings, and other publication information.
  • Journal of Field Archaeology
    The entire journal contents are not available on-line, but the web site does contain abstracts, table of contents, and searchable author indices.
  • Science Magazine
    Published weekly by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the on-line articles are highly technical with emphasis on the biological sciences but also include the latest research in anthropology.
  • Scientific American
    The articles in this on-line journal, published monthly, are somewhat technical and lengthy. This site is recommended particularly for upper high school students.
  • Scientific American Discovering Archaeology
    This is a new bimonthly archaeology magazine for the general reader and specialist that covers discoveries in archaeology and the archaeological sciences. Hard copies can be ordered.
  • The Scout Report
    The Scout Report web page provides many on-line publications of value to students, educators, and professionals on a wide variety of topics. They offer a K-12 Educators listserv and a special section on archaeology and social studies.

Archaeology Organizations

  • Archaeological Institute of America
    The AIA is the oldest and largest archaeological organization in the United States. Its web page provides educational information, Internet resources lists, publications, and career information. The web site's education section is still under construction. Under Resources, educators can locate information on new museum exhibits from around the world and link to their web sites.
  • The Friends of the Past Web Site
    This non-profit organization is devoted to the open exchange of knowledge about human origins and American history. The web page has information on the 9,000 year old "Kennewick Man" found in Washington State and on the organization's publications.
  • National Association of State Archaeologists
    This site provides a directory of state archaeologists for the United States and its possessions. State archaeologists can answer questions regarding laws, procedures, current research, educational programs, and other aspects of archaeology. Many state archaeologists can be contacted by email, and some state archaeologists maintain their own web pages that can be reached through this site.
  • Register of Professional Archaeologists
    The Register of Professional Archaeologists is a valuable career resource, providing names and contact information of professional archaeologists and an interface for employment dialogue between employers and prospective employees.
  • Society for American Archaeology
    The SAA web page has a variety of resources for users including publications information and downloadable articles. The site also contains career information on how to become an archaeologist and a special members section with job listings. The publications available from the SAA web site include their quarterly internet-based newsletter Archaeology and Education. The site also provides a list of state network coordinators who can advise on educational materials and sites in their local areas.
  • Society for Archaeological Sciences
    The SAS web page contains extensive electronic resource listings, including an exhaustive list of on-line publications.
  • Society for Historical Archaeology
    This site includes a list of Internet resources, research guidelines, information on historical archaeology, and publications available both on-line and by mail. The web site also includes career information on becoming an historical archaeologist.

Archaeological Museums and Exhibits

  • The Story of Sichuan
    The Seattle Art Museum has used HI-Space to create an elaborate virtual reality experience for visitors interested in the Sichuan archaeological site. Visitors can see several movies on the excavations of the Sichuan pits as well as learn about the history of the Sichuan site and local culture.


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